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Horse welfare at number 1

Before you entrust your horse(s) to us, we believe, that you would like to be informed about our working method. First and foremost, we consider that the welfare of your horseis of the highest importance. The driver can see the horses in the front of the cabin by means of a built-in camera. Our truck is equipped with largecompartments for the horses. Each compartment is of course, provided with a soft rubber mat on the floor and cushioned partitions on the sides. The horses can look outside through the windows for the entire journey andthis alsogives them enough fresh air. During the whole trip they have hay and they get regular fresh drinking water. The tailgate runs at a comfortable angle, so your horse does not have to jump onto the tailgate or walk up a steep slope.

Before the journey begins

Of course there is still a lot to be done! To begin with, a lot of paperwork has to be arranged and we are happy to help you with this! Your horse may also need to be quarantined and we are able to advise you on this too.

When the day of departure arrives, our driver will come and collect your horse(s) at a pre-arranged location and time. You will have plenty of time to transfer any information about your horse, to our driver.

Our drivers take regular breaks to check the well-being of your horse. If the trip takes several days, we will always look for a good quality stopoveren route so that your horse can get off the truck, roll and then spent the night in a nice stable. Of course we will keep you updated regularly throughout the journey.

It is an exciting step to transport your horse to another country. Happy Equine Transport makes it a bit easier for you and your horse.

More information?

Your horseis one of the most precious possessions you have , both financially and emotionally and we understand that completely. If you have any questions or would like to know more, you can always contact us without any obligation